Your Questions about Payments

How do I get a refund?

Once you have cancelled your policy and have had an advisor confirm a return premium it could take 6-8 weeks for the refund to reach you as the insurance underwriter has to process the refund before we can then issue it.

The Certificate of Motor Insurance also needs to be returned to us in order for the refund to be processed.

Please contact our Accounts department on 01302 554015 or refer to our Car Insurance Information Booklet for full terms and conditions.

Who is Creation Consumer Finance?

Creation Consumer Finance are the Direct Debit provider for One Call.

Any payments made will show One Call on your bank account but their name will appear on letters they send to you relating to your Direct Debit.

When is Direct Debit due from my account?

New Business - once the deposit has been taken the first payment will be collected 18 days later for Home policies and 30 days later for Car, Commercial and Motorbike policies.

Renewals - on your renewal date.

Why does the Direct Debit date have to be 18 days after inception?

As One Call offer such a low deposit the next payment is set for 18 days later, this also allows us to collect over 11 months making the monthly payments smaller.

Why has the Direct Debit amount changed?

Usually something has changed on your policy which has resulted in an additional/return premium.

How do I pay my default payment?

Provided the agreement is still running you can either ring Creation directly to make payment, ring One Call to make a payment to us over the phone and we will forward the payment to Creation or alternatively you can visit our Existing Customers section.

Why is there a £25 fee for default?

Due to the process involved Creation apply an administration fee which covers letters etc. for bringing the payment up to date.

Can I change my Direct Debit date and is there a charge?

Creation will allow one change to your Direct Debit date at no charge, but subsequent changes will result in a £10.00 fee.

The change can only be made once the first payment has cleared and the account is up to date. There must also be 7 clear days either side of a payment.

Why on my mandate from Creation does it state they are giving me credit, I just want to pay a Direct Debit not lend money?

Creation are a finance company, however you are not entering into a finance agreement.

One Call are paid by Creation in order to forward the insurance premium onto your insurance company and you pay the agreed repayment amount to Creation each month.

When will I get my refund?

From the date of cancellation this can take up to eight weeks, One Call work on a monthly statement with each of our insurers and no refund is issued until we have received it from the insurer.

Prior to any refund being issued you must have returned your Certificate of Motor Insurance and have the vehicle SORN/written off or insured with another company.